SAP is one of the best-known ERP solutions available in the market. Thus, CDA has professionals who are trained in this technology to provide related services to its Clients.

CDA offers functional and technical consulting services on every SAP module, including core banking systems in different modalities, with broad experience in banking projects:

  • Implementation, upgrade or roll-out services, enhancing Clients’ equipment   
  • Man-hour services, functional (FI, CO, SD, MM, PP, HR) or technical (ABAP, Basis) consulting   
  • Helpdesk services   
  • Traditional and mobile developments

CDA’s teams work with traditional and object-oriented programming, web services, SAP BASIS and SAP PI services, design, development, tests and assisted commissioning.

Technical and functional specifications, as well as parameterization and process manuals, are part of service deliverables.

The joint work of programmers and functional consultants from different areas generates the synergy required to create products that meet Clients’ requirements.

CDA’s purpose is to meet objectives in a timely and proper manner, always.

Since 2013, CDA is part of an alliance with ConVista, a German company with international presence and focused on SAP solutions that has wide experience in insurance companies and banks. Together, both companies offer optimum service options, leveraging their individual strengths regarding mainframe/distributed environments and SAP. ConVista is a SAP international partner for software integration.

Digital transformation goes beyond the incorporation of new digital support structures to business processes to open new digital sales channels.
DT is the strategic absorption of new disruptive technologies, all of them digital:


CDA enables its Customers to join the Digital Transformation process together with its network of Technological Partners knowing that the implementation of all these new technologies integrates seamlessly to existing systems.

Additionally, CDA systematizes the application of each of these disruptive technologies to your business process, products, consumer experience and marketing.

CDA helps its Customers to plan transitions and design the ecosystem that will guide them along this journey.

CDA offers hands-on workshops to create innovation culture in companies. Here, we apply methodologies to efficiently implement the Digital Transformation using proven models in innovation: Design Thinking, Canvas, Lean Start-up, Open Innovation y Blue Ocean.

These workshops end with the prototyping or proof-of-concept of viable solutions offering the team a series of techniques to repeat the process as many times as the business needs it.

Finally, CDA offers a portfolio of proven start-up solutions for when it is necessary to speed up the process, or when the resources to develop the solution are not available.

CDA leverages business knowledge and technological tools to be used. Therefore, any implementation carries a consulting process that accompanies development.

CDA makes the most of the selected platform, optimizing performance and maximizing results.

As added value, professionals involved in service provision have in-depth knowledge of the different platforms regarding the integration of third-party applications (CRM, ERP, OMS and additional modules of the industry).

CDA applies an implementation strategy with a flexible and efficient methodology that enables the fulfillment of all DC projects within agreed deadlines and budgets. We take part in the process from the very idea to commissioning, and then we offer support for the in-use solution.

DC solution portfolio:

DC models

  • B2C, B2B, B2B2C and e-Marketplace


  • Social media management, social e-commerce and social listening (networks, forums, blogs)


  • Campaign management, e-mail marketing and data analysis
  • Management of large amounts of data for marketing actions

Business Analytics

  • Analysis of large amounts of structured and unstructured data
  • Customization of services, complaint management and business decisions

Platforms most used by CDA for DC solutions:

Since its introduction, CDA specializes in mainframe projects, with teams composed of functional analysts and programmers trained in the financial, industrial and telecommunication areas.

The development centers of CDA with access to mainframe equipment have all the appropriate infrastructure within a restricted access area. Each workstation has secure remote connections to the Clients’ development environments.

CDA’s mainframe experience will allow your company to:

  • Maximize the value of your mainframe platform
  • Provide a robust backup for business growth
  • Optimize MIPS use
  • Delegate platform induction and training activities

Testing Consultancy     

CDA provides consulting and support services through a team of specialists who work together with the Customer.

Depending on the intervention stage (Analysis, Dimensioning, Kick-off and Optimization), CDA provides the appropriate model to Assure and Monitor its IT systems quality.

Finding the most convenient solution according to the maturity stage of the testing structure is CDA’s added value.

Our team of professionals exclusively dedicated to solving software testing issues has international certification ISO 9001-2015 which covers testing processes.

Automation projects are carried out as required, working with the most typical tools in the market.

Systems Integration

CDA’s Systems Integration Service combines experience, technologies and best practices to implement changes and improvements in the applications which need to continue in operation.

Our consultants’ experience in top-end architecture tailors the applications portfolio to your business.

By identifying gaps and exploring alternative scenarios, we suggest the best option for your business cutting costs, making the operation more dynamic and minimizing risks.

Existing architectures and applications slow down the current operation and make it more expensive. An obsolete core can limit the possibility of swiftly implementing new capacities, thus hindering the end-user’s satisfaction.

However, many basic applications may turn out to be robust and stable.

The key to success is to retain the value of what works well in the existing applications, adding innovation and flexibility to the project by integrating new developments.

Information Re-engineering

As part of its portfolio, CDA offers consultancy services on IT Re-engineering.

Systems Re-engineering

It retrieves the information on an existing program design and uses such information to restructure or re-build it aiming to adapt it to change, enhance or improve its overall quality in order to simplify maintenance in the future.

CDA offers a program/project management service within software factory development projects and as a standalone service (IT services/professionals method).

Some projects are better managed with traditional methods. Consequently, we also offer certified (PMI®) professionals capable of distinguishing which projects should receive such treatment.

PMI is ISO 9001 certified, evidencing CDA’s commitment to excellence.

CDA’s specialized team has over 10 years of experience in agile methodologies, with certified scrum masters for proper performance.

The work of a project manager under agile methodologies provides significant advantages:

  • Improved product quality: The company fosters a proactive approach for team members, in furtherance of product excellence.
  • Higher Client satisfaction: Clients are more satisfied when they are involved and committed throughout the development process. With periodic demos and deliveries, Clients experiment the improvements introduced into the process in real time.
  • Greater team motivation: Self-managed professionals enable the development of creative and innovative capacities.
  • Teamwork: The team- and role-based division of tasks, along with periodic meetings, lead to better workload organization.
  • Use of more relevant metrics: In comparison with traditional projects, metrics used to calculate parameters such as time, costs and performance often offer results that are closer to reality.
  • Higher control and prediction capacity: All project members can further control their work, improving the calculation of times and costs.
  • Lower costs: Agile project management eliminates almost all possibilities of absolute project failure, as errors are identified throughout the development process instead of waiting for products and investment to be completed.

CDA has vast experience in the development of native applications, mobile-optimized websites and web apps.

Obtain a reliable solution from CDA to bring the best solutions right to your Customers’ hands.

CDA creates quick-launch applications that function seamlessly across different platforms. Clients may then reach digital transformation through high-performance applications with UX (user experience) design and testing during the development process.

Nowadays, most mobile projects of CDA are developed for the following platforms:

Your need of IT resources might be temporary, but our service is permanent.

Companies are working in an increasingly complex environment.

New technologies, platforms and applications need to be constantly integrated.

This is a common reality for all businesses interested in being a groundbreaker, taking advantage of market niches and standing out from the competition.

Employee training has historically been the solution to updates, however this is no longer so. Changes are so dynamic that your collaborators would need to be on an ongoing training session rather than producing.

Resorting to outsourcing is the best alternative to have a dynamic team which is highly trained and acquainted with the industry standards, and up to date with the new trends, technologies and tools.

To focus your effort on the business, leave the systems area in expert hands or make a mix between your team and qualified professionals.

We have over 500 resources region-wide, and if the professional you are looking for does not exist in the market, we train them.

Our mission is to provide the systems specialists who will best perform in your company, taking into account their knowledge, expertise, background and integration skills to work in development, maintenance and applications testing projects.

Our Professional Resources Management model is based on a proven business methodology and quality assurance practices certified under ISO 9001 standards.