CDA services are based on the software life cycle, from the onset of the request to its final solution. We cover the complete development project and its subsequent maintenance (AMS) as well.

CDA intervenes either in the complete cycle or in each of the stages independently, bearing in mind the customer’s needs and their working style.
Each stage CDA is involved in undergoes strict quality controls to ensure a reliable final result.


All IT Technologies in a Single Supplier

The competitive advantage of having all technologies in a single supplier is being able to count on an external IT expert who can make all current and future applications compatible and integrated.

CDA has the experience and the right professionals to handle both Distributed and Mainframe Environments. It deals with Core developments for the business as well as strategic tools and Business Intelligence.

CDA specializes in taking your business to the next level by creating Mobile Accessibility to your applications and cooperating in the definition of your processes to gain efficiency.

International Approvals and Certifications

Certifications - Argentina

ISO 9001:2015 – Guía ISO/IEC-IEEE 90003:2018

  • Diseño, desarrollo y mantenimientos de sistemas informáticos

ISO 9001:2015

  • Provisión y Gestion de servicios profesionales especializados en IT (Tecnología de la Informacion)
  • Servicio de Análisis, diseño y ejecución de pruebas de Software

Política de Calidad

Certification – Mexico 2016

Enlace: Entidad Latinoaméricana de calidad y evaluación

  • Design, development, technical support and testing of information systems for BBVA Group, ISBAN and Santander Group 

Certification SGS from Peru

Enlace: Entidad Latinoaméricana de calidad y evaluación

  • Certification of provider approved in BBVA Continental since 2015. GPA in final evaluations: 92.33

CDA’s internal quality policy and strict commitment to compliance help us provide service excellence.